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Death Penalty Essay

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  • on September 1, 2013
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Death Penalty
SOC 305 Crime & Society
Raymond Keefauver
April 8, 2013

Death Penalty

Death penalty is the ultimate punishment that a person can receive after committing a horrendous crime. With many views to cover and different types of view, we will research why this option is good and bad. One point that will be cover against the death penalty will be executing an innocent persons, the rest will focus on why it is good alternative to jail time. Cost to have inmates in jail is high and how incarceration does not rehabilitated inmates. Life or death is a very important decision that cannot be taken lightly.
The problem we face now in society is because we no longer use law of an eye for an eye. There are many ways a person can get away with a crime, from buying the best lawyers and or anyone involve in the trial, manipulation of the victim by making them feel fear for themselves and their families to also buying there silence. Before the law was not considerate of social status it will make a person pay for a crime by making them suffer through the same. Because of these committing a crime was something to think about a person knew how much they were losing it could be from a body part all the way to their lives. It was done in public in order to show there is no breaks and that if someone breaks the law they will receive the correct punishment. But now that doesn’t happen, criminals are given too many breaks and also the punishments are not as harsh and sometimes if the person has enough influences or money they can get away with it.
The reason I am pro death penalty is because back in time there were less crimes committed and the reason for that was because they will make them pay.   Now rapist and killers have too many rights, privileges and they know that by making a deal with the prosecution they can manipulate the sentence. Also too many states have revoked the death penalty and this shows them that no matter what crime they commit...

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