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Death Penalty Essay

  • Submitted by: tmjones
  • on March 19, 2012
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Death Penalty

The death penalty can be very beneficial when keeping prison population down, the mental state of mind of the prisoner, and the crime they committed; therefore it should not be prohibited. According to Dictionary.com, the death penalty is a capital punishment. It is a punishment by death for a crime. The death penalty varies from state to state and often times depends on the severity of the crime whether one will be put on death row or not. The cost to kill a person on death row tends to cost a lot more than incarceration, and many people can escape a sentencing of death depending on their mental state of mind. The death penalty can depend on many leading factors, from the crimes committed, to the state resided in, prison populations, to a person’s mental state of mind, they all play a role in determining if a criminal will be killed or not.
According to “Crimes Punishable by the Death Penalty,” on deathpenaltyinfo.org states that a person maybe sentenced to the death penalty for any crime resulting homicide.” They also say rape resulting in death is one of the most common people are sentenced to death for. Recently some states are sentencing death to those forcing sexual intercourse with children under the age of 14. There are seven states that do not mess around with the rape, or sexual abuse of children 14 and younger, Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Louisiana, Montana, and Georgia. When looking at the death penalty in a racial perspective, 56 percent of people of death row are white, 34 percent African American, eight percent Hispanics, two percent other. The numbers on death row for rape resulting in death are 76 percent white, 15 percent African American, six percent Hispanic, and three percent other. Last year in 2011, 43 people were sentenced to death, and so far in 2012, four people have already been put on death row. Since 1973, 130 people were released from death row due to finding new evidence supporting they did not commit...

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