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Dealing with Health Problem in China Essay

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In the 1930s, there was a discovery that totally changed our lives—antibiotics. By using antibiotics, doctors were able to treat illnesses that had previously confounded them. Although the invention of antibiotics helps people a lot to treat different kinds of illnesses, antibiotics are used too commonly recently. This antibiotics abuse occurs especially in China. “In the U.S., gun is easy to buy, but antibiotic is hard. In China, the situation is totally changed”. This sentence totally shows the serious overuse of antibiotics.   There is some data to show how serious the situation of antibiotics abuse in China is. There are about 75 percent of cold patient who use antibiotics; the usage amount during the surgery was as high as 95 percent in 2007. The usage amount in China is about 30 percent more than the international level. (Celia 2011) The abuse of antibiotics will result in the ineffectiveness of antibiotic drugs. For example, there is a kind of bug called “superbug” which cannot be killed by any antibiotics. There will be more and more superbugs that will lead to increasing death. So the government and medical professors need to work together to raise public understanding and limit the abuse of antibiotics. (Krigline 2008)

There are some factors that contribute to the serious condition in China. First, because of the large amount of population in China, the number of patients entering the hospital is also big. Doctors do not have enough time to deal with each patient carefully; instead, they choose to just prescribe the antibiotics to the patients. Secondly, because the wages of the doctors are really low and cannot catch up with the rapid rate of economic growth, they choose to prescribe antibiotics in order to make more profits. Thirdly, some Chinese doctor lacks clinical experience and judgment, so they need to prescribe antibiotics to ensure the safety of the patients. Fourthly, it is so easy for the Chinese people to get antibiotics from any pharmacy....

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