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Dead Wrong Essay

  • Submitted by: emmaacolman
  • on August 28, 2013
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Dead Wrong
The book Dead Wrong by Peter Stanley is an action packed Crime fiction story that will leave you on the edge of your seat. It is skilfully written and full of suspenseful scenes, mysterious clues and red herrings that will not only fool the clumsy characters in the story but also you. As in most crime fiction texts there has been a murder but unlike others, this story will have you begging for the truth to be revealed. I chose three key scenes to write about as these parts of the text are so thrilling and exciting you will never want to put the book down.

The murder of Anne Sweeney is an essential part of this story as it gives us many clues and simple but skilful similes and metaphors which helps us to see what the writer is trying to convey and describe. An example of one is “a shower of leaves following me like confetti at a wedding”. This is very descriptive and an example of sensory imagery. “We found the rag doll shape of his unconscious wife slumped over the steering wheel” is an intriguing sentence as it is comparing Mrs Sweeney’s body to a rag-doll. It is also an example of symbolism as rag-dolls are life-less just as Mrs Sweeney is. In this part of the story we also get suspicious of Mr Sweeney as he would not go to the hospital when Mrs Sweeney is taken there because “he told everyone he hated hospitals”.

The graveyard Scene is very tense and full of dark and scary images of death. As you read it you will be in suspense as Stanley uses clever and skilful metaphors and contrasting techniques. An example of a metaphor used is ‘a floating pool of light’. This metaphor puts a clear image into your head of what a torch light would look like and it also gathers the reader’s attention. This metaphor is well written as it is much more exciting than saying “I saw a torch”. An image of death placed into our minds as we read the story is “the dark shadows around us –thin, bent whirling shadows- seemed to hold all the evil in the world” and the...

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