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Dd240 Essay

  • Submitted by: maicurtis
  • on June 22, 2014
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Men have always endeavoured to understand how we function as human beings.   Why we do certain things, why we are a certain way and how the reactions of one individual can differ from that of another in stressful situations.   Of particular interest is the study of fear and sadness which has become more important in modern times.   This paper serves as a study of two articles published about mental health. One by R Cooke; Living with anxiety: Britain's Silent epidemic and another by the mirror Generation depression: 1 in 3 British women have taken anti depressants.   modern time pressures that lead depression and anxiety and how this relates to it historically.

In the study of human distress (ref).   It has been noted that early societies used to deal with what is now depression and anxiety in a completely different manner.   In those days people rarely used to move and the family unit was normally intact and so there was the sense of community spirit and oneness.   There was less of a tendency to live an individualistic life.   Peoples coping mechanisms during distressing times were going to confession, praying, writing a diary and group discussions.   This changed with the dawn of the industrial revolution in the 19th century,   Communities and family units broke and and this brought about individualism a sense of what ones goals where for themselves.   It was also during this time that the psychiatric specialism was birthed,

One thing that is evident in the articles is that anxiety and depression can happen to anyone.   The subjects in the articles see, like normal individuals when walking down the street.   In an interview with Trisha she also discusses the stigma around people who are suffering from depression.   She notes how she felt like it was very much them and us

Apparently one in three adults suffers from depression this is an astonishing figure itself however one wonders how accurate these figures are.   People who have been interviewed have expressed the...

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  • Submitted by: maicurtis
  • on June 22, 2014
  • Category: Miscellaneous
  • Length: 1,424 words
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