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Dbq Essay

  • Submitted by: DQwalker
  • on August 30, 2013
  • Category: History
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Dominique Walker
Honors English II, 4th
Ms. Mitchell
2 Nov. 2012

Good versus Evil
People often think that good will win just for the simple fact that good is good. Wherever there is good, there is an evil force. Good can win but only depending on its strength. Sometimes, the evil is so strong that good has no chance. Good is good because good plays by the rules. Evil never plays by the rules and can take over at any moment. Civilization is thought of as good. Savagery is thought to be bad. However, evil is inherent in everyone…including the “civilized.” The Lord of the Flies had many themes but the good versus evil stands out the most. The good tone was established by people like Ralph and Simon or objects like the conch. The bad tone was set by the people like Jack and his followers or objects like the sow’s head. When the forces meet, there is bound to be some sort of chaos. Evils exist everywhere. Civilization is so closed-minded that there is believed to be no evil among them. The Lord of the Flies teaches a group of “civilized” boys that they are not so civilized. Really, it is not that they aren’t civilized but that when the mind of civilization is put to the test, the savagery instincts will reveal themselves.
The Lord of the Flies depicted many symbols of good. Simon, “the Christ figure of the story”, was this because he never seemed to want to do wrong.   Another person is Ralph, “one of the most civilized boys”, wanted to maintain order. He didn’t want the boys running wild like savages like some others…but that is to be discussed in the next section. Piggy’s specs symbolized wisdom. The conch shell was the method used to keep order. Whoever had the conch was allowed to speak. This kept order for a while, but not long enough unfortunately. Ralph is elected chief and takes Jack and Simon to explore the island with him. Piggy is outraged because he feels he should have been able to go. Piggy starts to blatantly come Ralph’s exact words to...

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