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Dbms Essay

  • Submitted by: mrzcrz
  • on September 3, 2013
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  1. Data
  A. Refers to raw facts.  
  B. Raw indicates that the facts are not yet been processed to reveal their meaning.
  C. There are 2 kinds of data in DBMS:
      1. Structured: text, numbers and dates
      2. Unstructured: images, videos and documents

  2. Information
  * Is the result of processing raw data to reveal its meaning.
  * To reveal the meaning, information requires context.
  * Information can be used as the foundation for decision making.
  * The key to a good decision making is its accuracy, relevance and timely information.

  3. Data Management
  * Is a discipline that focuses on the proper generation, storage, and retrieval of data.
  * Efficient data management typically requires the use of a computer database.

  4. Database
      * Is a shared integrated computer structure that stores a collection of
  a. End-user data that is, raw facts of interest to the end user.
  b. Metadata, or data about data, through which the end-user data are integrated   and managed.
  * Is a method of storing data on auxiliary storage so as to minimize the disadvantages that would be present if using data files tied directly to particular programs.

  5. Metadata
  * Provides a description of the data characteristics and the set of relationships that link the data found within the database.
  * Metadata present a more complete picture of the data in the database.

  6. Database Management System
  * Is a collection of programs that manages the database structure and controls access to   the data stored in the database.
  7. Field
  * A character or group of characters (alphabetic or numeric) that has a specific meaning.
  * A field is used to define and store data.

  8. Record
  * A logically connected set of one or more fields that describes a person, place or thing.
  9. File
  * A collection of related records.

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