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Dawn of the Dead Response Essay

  • Submitted by: edm51795
  • on March 26, 2014
  • Category: English
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In dawn of the dead their is the repeating of the american flag being shown.   This is what ameirca has come to. That is the only country flag shown this is going on in America the winning country the best country on earth! All the death and diesease and tradgedy is happening here in america and our flag is representing. The colors red white and red are also repeatedly which obviously resembles the american flag. The film keeps showing the audience those colors to remind them this is happening in america. Some people think just because were in american certain things dont apply to them and those bad things that happen in other countries couldn't possibly happen here! Well sorry to tell you but american isn't invinceable says the dawn of the dead film. The film is about consumerism which american is the number one country with that problem. That is why the setting is a mall and our flag colors are consistently repeated.   Even during this crisis   the "survivors" are relaxing enjoying the fact they have the mall and all the things in it to themselves not thinking of plan to get out and survive!
They also so the repeat guns. America is all about guns right? Having the right to bare arms is important needing guns for protection. They are shown first in the begining   which is the mos ironic, when Ana   runs out to her ca to escape her flesh eating husband. A man points a gun at her and tells her to stand back and walks across the street to get ran over by ironically a ambulance! Did his gun protect him? No! Another event with guns is when they get taken away by the mall security. They even play a shooting game with the Andy the man on top of the Gun store.

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