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Current Event Essay

  • Submitted by: dedxsad
  • on March 18, 2012
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Current Event:
My article is on the decision by a federal appeals court that upheld a Wisconsin school board's decision to fire a teacher who briefly viewed pornography on his work computer. The Cedarburg School Board fired science teacher Robert Zellner in 2006 for pulling up pornographic thumbnail photographs on his screen for 67 seconds on a weekend. Zellner disputes this claim, saying he got fired because of his ties to the local teachers union. The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Friday that Zellner knew he wasn’t allowed to look at pornography in school, and still did it and his retaliation claim is conjecture. Zellner’s attorney claims that Zellner was trying to see if there was any blocking software on the computers and that he never went on the actual porn website. Zellner is going to bring his appeal to Supreme Court now.
My opinion on this matter is that Zellner should be fired plain and simple for looking at porn in the school. This doesn’t set a good influence on the children. He shouldn’t be fooling around during work. I don’t believe his story at all, but even if it was true, why couldn’t he ask anyone if there any blocking program instead of looking up porn to see. This man is disgusting and is a liar, he has 2 different stories. He shouldn’t be allowed to mess with an adolescent mind and his teachers license should be revoked.

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