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Culture Essay

  • Submitted by: kierahurst
  • on June 22, 2014
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Culture is defined as characteristics such as language, religion, beliefs, knowledge, roles and values acquired of a particular group of people in the development of generations through group or individual strivings.   Culture is a way of human life of people and system of knowledge; how groups of individuals live, communicate and function. The ideas, values, meaning and beliefs people absorb or inherit define the aspect of one’s culture. People become what they learn or see others that they look up to do.

When I think of the word culture, it has so many meanings and life to it. As a newborn child, you are brought into the world having or being surrounded by a culture. The culture we are brought up in and by define our lives. My mother instilled the type of culture she wanted me to be raised in, same as her mother did for her. Throughout the years leading into my adulthood I understand the values, behavior, beliefs, knowledge, roles and affect my culture plays in my life.

My personal beliefs, thoughts, and lifestyle influences are heavy. I was raised in the country but grew up as a city girl. I was taught the ways of a country girl. My grandparents had all sorts of farm animals around the house. Being around that type of surrounding growing up played a significant part in my culture. As I got older I began to be apart of organization that involved animals. My grandparent instilled that in my parents and my parents instilled that in me. Even with my religion, my parent went to church every Sunday. My morals and what I believe in are influenced my parents. They have shown me that I cannot leave or stray away from what I have been taught. When growing up my parents have shown me that religion is most important and that I must have a strong relationship. I have maintained those relationships that I was taught and witnessed.

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