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Cullman Electric Essay

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What are the most significant management failures in this case?

The biggest management failure in this case is NOT having an Emergency/Disaster Management Plan. Steve Foshee acted by impulse and requested for crews to come in not realizing that it would add to the chaos. An Emergency Management Plan takes care of all these issues as it reviews resources, crew capacity, communication, media, chain of command and the ultimate result is to come up with a game plan to tackle such incidents effectively.

What should be the top 3-5 priority actions for Cullman Electric the next 2-3 days?  The next 2-3 weeks?

Cullman Electric’s top priorities for the next 2-3 days are as follows:

    - Try and restore power to critical care customers (i.e.) Hospitals and Nursing Homes first followed by other customers.
    - Call for help (i.e.) Use line repair personnel from unaffected areas in the area of the outage.
    - Analyze how much progress is achieved at the end of the day as review areas that need help and allocate resources to that area.

Cullman’s priority for the following 2-3 weeks is as follows:

    - Formulate an Emergency/Disaster Management plan using Steve Foshee’s plan as an outline.
    - In the Emergency Management Plan, provide roles for staff, chain of command, protocol to follow, meeting areas and communication modes.
    - Work on repairing infrastructure, power lines that are down, remove obstructing trees and try to restore power to a 100%.
    - Gather an inventory of equipment, personnel, contact information for various groups and review all the information to see which areas are lacking.
    - Eventually, put together a binder of information that can be kept at each substation and various departments so that it can be referred to easily.

What should Cullman Electric Cooperative address in their contingency planning for future emergencies?  What should be their general approach/concept for responding to this type of emergency?


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