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Cubism Essay

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  • on March 27, 2014
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Modern Arts: Paintings.
One of the most remarkable art style illustrations of the early twentieth century was cubism. It was created through collaboration between two remarkable artists, Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. It is believed that cubism borrowed a lot of inspiration from Paul Cezanne and African Tribal Art.
Cubism movement is split between two periods, Analytic and Synthetic. Analytic cubism was pioneered between 1908-1911. (Douglas, p.317), It focused on applying geometric shapes rendered in right angles and straight lines. Space was viewed as if it was a form or a solid mass. To develop mystery, passive colors such as grays, blues, greens, tans and browns with less broken black outlines. In general, it depicted a planned analysis of shape. The second period, synthetic cubism was developed between 1912-1924. Synthetic cubism saw the re- introduction of color by means of collage and papier cole which applied brighter colors, decorative forms and template collage. Collage was consequently established by Pablo Picasso. It involved all types of materials such as painted fabric and newspaper.   Papier colle developed by Braque entailed mounting of colored paper onto canvas.
After a meeting in 1907, Picasso and Braque developed the cubism approach. It was initially mocked by art critics for consisting of small cubes. Working from a studio in Paris, they pioneered a visual idiom of solid space and geometric shapes. Their creation eliminated the principle of rendering and illustration. (John) Picassos and Georges works enabled observers to realize a theme simplified through geometric shapes and seen from different views. Conventional themes such as landscapes, still life and nude figures were recreated as progressively split works.
In the article Times Magazine, Robert acknowledges that by incorporating fragments of real life forms onto canvas, both artists bridged the gap between life and art. They drew interest that a painting is in its plane form, and...

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