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Cuban Missile Crisis Essay

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  • on September 1, 2013
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Cuban Missile Crisis
SEPTEMBER 29, 2012
The Cold War
  *           Mainly involved The USSR (communist) and the USA (Capitalist)
  *           Lots of distrust and suspicion
  *           The cold war was a period of tension between communism and Capitalism due to conflicting ideologies.
Capitalism | Communism |
USA, Britain and Western Europe | Russia, China, Eastern Europe |
The main source of production are privately owned and used for private property. | Everything is owned by the government (Community) |
Democratic | State controlled and a classless society |
After WW2
Yalta Conference (February 1945)
  * Involved Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill
  * There was an agreement to divide Germany into 4 zones. (Britain, USA, USSR, France)
  * Reparations to Russia
  * Elections agreed to be held in Eastern Europe
Potsdam Conference (July 1945)
  * Involved Stalin, Atlee and Truman (who was less tolerant of Stalin than Roosevelt was)
  * Disagreements over Germany
  * Disagreements over reparations
  * Disagreements over Eastern European Elections
→Tension had intensified between Russia and the West
→Everywhere there was disagreement. This set the tone for the Cold War.
“Iron Curtain”
This was a speech made in 1946 by Winston Churchill.
-          Was an imaginary line behind which the communists were
The USA’s policy of Containment
-          A US policy that aimed to prevent the spread of communism by becoming involved in any state perceived to be endangered by a potential communist takeover.
-          It was a response to Russian takeover of Eastern Europe and establishment of Communist-controlled states.
-          It was an opportunity for the USA to make a stand against communism and provide assurances to Europe (and the world) that the USA would not back down to communism.
Actions taken by the USA
| Truman Doctrine (1947)(Economic and military aid offered to Greece and Turkey) | Marshall plan...

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