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Cu254 Essay

  • Submitted by: trooni
  • on June 26, 2014
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CU254 Causes and Spread of Infection

  * Bacteria – Bacteria are organisms made up of just one cell. They are capable of multiplying by themselves, as they have the power to divide. Bacteria exist everywhere, inside and our bodies. Most of them are completely harmless and some of them are very useful. But some bacteria can cause diseases, either because they end up in the wrong place in the body or simply because they are “designed” to invade us.
  * Viruses – Viruses are too small to be seen by the naked eye. They can’t multiply on their own, so they hate to invade a “host” cell and take over its machinery in order to be able to make more virus particles. Viruses consist of genetic materials (DNA and RNA) surrounded by a protective coat of protein. They are capable of latching onto cells and getting inside them. The cells are mucous membranes, such as those lining the respiratory passages that we breath though, are particularly open to virus attacks because they are not covered by protective skin.
  * Fungi – Any of a group of unicellular, multicellular, or syncytial spore-producing organisms feeding on organic matter, including moulds, yeast, mushrooms and toadstools can be either moulds or yeast. For example, a mould which causes infections in humans is Trichophtyon rubrum which is one cause of ringworm and it may also infect nails.
  * Parasites – A parasite is an organism that lives in or on another organism (the host), which damages the host is some way plus fails to compensate for this damaging by also failing to help the host to an appreciable extent.
Bacteria – Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Chlamydia, Tuberculosis, impetigo(skin infection)
Viruses - Common cold, Flu, Hepatitis, Herpes(cold sores), Mumps
Fungi – Athletes foot, ringworm, Candidiasis(sutaneous and vaginal infections)
Parasites – Malaria, Toxoplasmosis
Infections – An infection is caused by the invasion of foregn cells, like bacteria in humas that cause harm to the...

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