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Ctd 102 Essay

  • Submitted by: mitton
  • on March 18, 2012
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Megan Mitton
CTD 102 – 007
12 September 2011
The Mind Behind Design

Two important issues for humanity today are the lack of availability of clean water and the immense amount of consumer waste being produced.   I chose Urban Water, designed by SungUn Chang, as the most important item to humanity because it can solve both of these issues.   It can provide a hand-held, immediate source of clean water. This would reduce the amount of money, time, and labor that is spent on producing and providing purified water around the world.   The production of Urban Water could also help decrease the amount of consumer waste being produced because there would be less need for water bottles, therefore less plastic water bottles would be produced.   This one design could potentially make a huge, positive difference in the world.
Design, in general, changes the world in many ways.   Designs, whether simplistic or intricate, small or grandeur, affect our moods, our cultures, and even our health. As designers and creators, we learn from what we have made, and make changes and adjustments as needed.   Design, when viewed from an artistic standpoint, is what differentiates one culture from another.   From pottery to architecture, design is a symbol of tradition and history.   Design represents both the artists whom create it, as well as the modern society around its creator.   The Urban Water design is a perfect example of how design can change the world.   The fact that it is so portable and takes minimal materials to create exemplifies what modern society is in need of.   Urban Water fulfills a major need in the world, therefore its design will change the world.

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