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Crude Oil Distillation Essay

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In this experiment, we conducted a distillation experiment of crude oil. We were able to see how the chemical properties of the components of crude oil influence the temperature it distills out of the crude oil. Distillation is used to remove impurities like distilled water or to separate liquids. It separates substances based on their boiling point. In this case, a sample of crude oil is heated. The components of crude oil have different boiling points. When the boiling point of a particular fraction like gasoline is reached, it will vaporize up into the distillation. Then, it cools down, condenses, and eventually drips out of the apparatus into a container. The major findings were that crude oil has a specific boiling point. And gasoline is the first to be distilled then kerosene and then in the end the lubricating oils.

From the Equipment menu, select Distillation Equipment. Obtain the 100 mL Round Bottom Flask. Now right-click on the flask, and select Heating Mantel from Distillation Equipment then, Right-click on the flask, and select Distillation Head from Distillation Equipment last, Right-click on the flask, and select Condenser from Distillation Equipment. Now, right-click on the flask, and select Distillation Take-off from Distillation Equipment. From the Equipment menu, select the 100 mL Graduated Cylinder. Place it under the end of the distillation take-off. The graduated cylinder will collect the distillate. Make sure to leave area between the end of the distillation take-off and the cylinder so that you can see the drops of distillate leave the distillation apparatus. All experiments will be done using the Celsius temperature scale. Notice that the temperature displays in the neck of the round bottom flask. Right-click on the flask, and select 50 mL of crude oil from the Chemicals Window, next right-click on the flask, and select Chemical Properties. Record the grams of gasoline, kerosene, and...

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