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  • on June 20, 2014
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The much kind of the fast food, different life style and the busy life all this can effects on our health .Nowadays the people is more open mind than before so they are interested to Read more information and advice about the diet and how they can apply it in their life to be healthy and slim.
The Author Janice Graham explained in her article the important points and what is the right and wrong about the diet. As the writer directs her article to the people who are thinking to start a diet or to people who is follows diets and they are not achieved any results.

The article is appropriate and clear.
The title is attracts the interest of the readers to read it, where the first thing that attracts the reader is the title of the article, Also the introduction of his article was smooth,   easy and Brief so the reader can feel interest and Excited to read.
The Author provided enough information in a clear and uncluttered, to the average Reader to understand clearly the objectives of her article, so the reader will not faces any difficulty in understanding the Mentioned points. The author provides information that is unique and necessary for the completion of this article.
The data were given from author with Statistics and evidence from studies conducted on follow any diet with results and advises for the reader.
And all the statistics is provide with the reference of that statistics, she provide like statistics year, Researcher name and the Degree of the researcher, means the information was very accurate.

Janice Graham used points to analyze her article to be easier for the interest reader Moreover it’s accurate to the reader and appropriateness of the vocabulary for all readers levels.
While the article is too long , some readers if they seen   the article is long   they will try to read it a quick   or some   of them will go immediately to the last parts of the article However the authors presented   a list of the points could benefit the readers....

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