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A critique on “Getting to Yes: Negotiating agreement without giving in”
By Roger Fisher and William Ury

Key Learnings

In view of a negotiation and the only acceptable outcome being a “Yes”, this article provides an explanation on the key strategies in making a favorable outcome possible. The authors talk about engaging in a principled negotiation rather than a positional negotiation which forms the basis for a successful negotiation. By following this practice both parties involved end up enhancing their relationships and they perceive the negotiation as a fair and long lasting one. In general a negotiation demands the analysis of the situation, planning ways of responding and to discuss and come to a consensus and thereby find a solution.

The four strategies discussed in this article are:
  1. Separating people from the problem
  2. Focus on interests rather than positions
  3. Generate a variety of options before settling on an agreement
  4. Insist on an agreement based on objective criteria

This article also explains a few situations of how to react in a situation with the other party’s behavior in perspective.

Key Applications

In a situation where people are personally involved with the actual problem and any response to the problem is viewed as a personal attack, considering the separation of people from the problem is key. This strategy is key when there are differences in perception, when emotions play key role in driving Negotiation or when there are major communication issues.
In situations where people hold on to their positions and refuse to budge a negotiation should concentrate on the interests of both the parties.
The authors talk about four commonly made mistakes – people decide on an option and fail to consider other options, problem is defined as a Win Loss Binary situation ,dependent on the opposite party to come up...

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