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Critical Review

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  • on August 31, 2013
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“Transactional, Charismatic and Transformational leadership”

INTRODUCTION M. Popper and E.Zakkai have presented their article focused on the organisational psychological context diagnosis. They have also tried to present the affects of the effects of the diagnosis on the three leadership patterns or types namely transactional, transformational and charismatic. Micha Popper and Eliav Zakkai, authors of paper “Transactional, Charismatic and transformational leadership” which was published in Leadership and Organisation Development Journal, Bradford 1994, Vol 15, have tried to study leadership in a complex way beyond the conventional leadership literatures developed in 1960-70s. The authors found that the situation is much more intricate then assuming leader is the only variable that affects the influence dynamic between the leader and the led as assumed in most of the leadership literature. According to the authors, the relationship between the leader and the followers is affected by the different levels of interactions between the two and varying organisational situations and conditions around both of them. In their journal paper the authors have tried to focus on these complex sides of leadership. GROUNDWORK In the paper, the authors have attempted to look for the connection amid the leader and the followers. Two different perspectives; one is the framework of exchange (Hollander, 1964) and the second is the emotional connect between the leader and the led, are mentioned in the leadership literatures. Some of the explanations for the emotional bond are examined (Shamir, 1991) as ‘Transference’ which is the psychoanalytic explanation and ‘Projective and Attributional Explanations’. Further, in the article, the authors have inspected the peculiarity of the emotional based relationship between the leader and the led and the transactional leadership which is responsive and governed by the give and take between the followers and leader. To end the paper the authors...

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