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Critical Reading Essay

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  • on March 2, 2014
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Critical reading

Jenny Pausaker wrote the short story, The Princess in the tower. It is in a first person recount. The writer tells little anecdotes flashing back to when her dad told her stories about princesses. The way the story is told to make it more authentic and from the perspective of Mia they use short simple words and she tells you stores of princesses and tells you more about how she feels about the situation.   It positions you to feel scary for Mia that she’s afraid of the dark, her father doesn’t always tell her stories, her parents only leave the light on when her sisters out with “on of her 14 boyfriends” she is very descriptive about her room her house, about what the shadows look like and how they make her feel. It makes you think you were there. As the responder I thought it kept your attention on the story but I was very surprised sat the end when her mother said, “it’s been two and a half years since your father died”.

Mia is the main character in the book. The author has written Mia to look sweet and innocent by telling us how she is scared of the dark and how she loves to be read a story by her dad. But when she dose get read to she get nightmares and gets scared very easily.

The setting in the book is mostly in her imagination but when she is not imagining her bedtime story it is set in her bedroom most of the time and mostly at night. In her dreams it is set in a princess tower in a big castle. She is in the tower for protection form the evil at the bottom of the tower. The setting of her bedroom is sweet just like I little girls would be.

The atmosphere in the short story is mystery and sad. In the story the characters have very different atmosphere, like the little girl Mia atmosphere is sad and distort by the death of her father and the nightmares that she gets at night.

The plot I think is a drama, complication and surprise story all in one. With the drama of all the dreams she is having but with the complication with...

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