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Creosote and Soil Essay

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My soil is alluvial, with a good layer of sandy loam. This land was cattle ranched for many, many years resulting in serious translocation with the addition of manure transformed into the earth by hooves, monsoons, and general weathering. This area of Cornville is subject to times of prolonged winds that can be strong at times. The uneven topography thus causes both the addition and loss of loess through eolianation.
In my opinion, largely due to the extended period of cattle grazing in this area, the vegetation has changed dramatically over the past century, with long term ramifications on the soils and therefore current vegetation. If my property were the center of, say a 20 mile X 20 mile grid, you could observe where the cattle did most of their grazing by the vegetation patterns present today. There are patches of creosote that are not always continuous or contiguous. Some patches are relatively small, less than a square mile, with other patches being much larger. Some of these patches end abruptly at old property lines and/or old fence lines. The vegetation adjoining the creosote patches is usually very different and varied and often totally lacking any creosote. Where the creosote has taken hold, very little else flourishes as the creosote excels at removing virtually all life giving moisture from the soil around it. Clues exist, where some existing old shaggy bark junipers flourish, that they took hold long before the creosote saturated specific land patches. The creosote has had their impact on the soil development with their extensive root systems, and with their natural spacing. This space between plants leaves significant areas of exposed soil resulting in constant weathering by wind and seasonal weathering by monsoons. In both cases, the soil is then subjected to additions and losses and the translocation from the leaching caused by rainwater that soaks into and through the soils. Interestingly, the creosote move. The parent plant spawns shoots away...

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