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Cre 101 Lesson 2 Essay

  • Submitted by: chanellm85
  • on March 17, 2012
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Tone is the reflection of the writer's attitude and feelings towards the topic. If you can recognize the tone then it may seem as though someone is talking to you when in fact you're reading. Subjective is the writer's point of view about the topic. Basically, the opinion or personal belief of the writer, and that has no factual evidence. Objective views are unbiased and based on fact. Denotations are direct definitions of a word while connotations are various other meanings of a word. A couple examples of a connotation would be with the word large. On a positive note, large could translate to powerful or wealthy, while on a negative note it could be translated to fat or loud.   An opinion is someone's personal view of an issue. It may or may not be true and there would be no evidence to prove it.   A fact is unbiased information that can be verified and is accepted by most.
The author's purpose in my opinion is to persuade his audience. He wants to open the eyes of Americans and help us realize the rapid speed of which this unhealthy way of living has come to be. Not only that, he wants to convince people that suburbia is to blame. The author writes, "An obesity epidemic has seized America. And the suspected villain is none other than America's prized development icon-suburbia" (par 1). The author's audience is anyone in America and even anyone in the world who wants to listen. I don’t believe there is only one specific audience. The tone seems to be a mixture of opinion, assumption, bias, and some facts.   The author does quote the CDC; "Almost three-quarters of adults aren't active enough physically" (par 3). But some of his statistics are not quoted from an expert.
The word obesity is used denotatively in the first sentence of the essay, Peirce states, "An obesity epidemic has seized America". The word epidemic cannot be taken in any other way than what it means, a bad thing taking over. Another denotative word is encouraged. "Traditional street grids encouraged...

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