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Court History Essay

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Court History and Purpose Paper
Andre Williams

Univeristy of Phoenix

Court History and Purpose Paper
a court is a kernel mode justice system that makes a decision on cases were a person has made a criminal act or not. This system is consistent of key personnel that all come together to play a major part. The court has a judge that makes the overall the decision, witness, the jury, victim, the defendant, prosecutor, and bailiff. The criminal justice system carries out the law and ensures that all laws are followed. The prosecutor is the states representative and he or she will use facts and evidence to prosecute the defendant. The defendant’s attorney will defend the accused and try to convince the court that the accused is not guilt. Without a court, there would not be any order throughout the world. This system is design to keep and maintain order throughout communities. Court separates people who break the law from communities and set a punishment for them to carry out for a crime they committed. The criminal justice system uses courts to make judgment and decisions on cases that are found to be challenging or hard for others to make decisions on.

The dual court system is the separation of the federal and state court system. This court system limited both federal and state access from each other. The federal court system deals with people that have broken federal laws and hears cases that involve the Constitution. Most cases in a federal court may involve bankruptcy, federal taxes, and other special matters. The federal court system is a step higher than the state court system. Although the federal court system is on a higher level than the state court, the federal court system has limited access to state courts. The state court system cannot be involved with the federal court system unless there is a conflict at the state or federal levels. Federal laws are enforced throughout the entire country and will stay the same. In the state court system, each state...

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