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Copyright Implications Essay

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Copyright Implications
Brenda Wissman
June 6, 2014
Jason Shea

Copyright Implications
Copyright laws were created to help protect a person’s individual work. This work can be ideas, text, inventions, pictures, videos, and even sounds. There are more items covered under copyright laws such as movies and television shows as well. These laws make it illegal for someone else to use or steal these pieces of work from the owner of them. A person that breaks these laws knowingly or even unknowingly can be fined, sentenced to jail time or both depending on the severity of the infraction. The popularity of the internet has made enforcing copyright laws a nightmare for enforcement agencies. Some people believe that once something reaches the internet it becomes fair game for anybody to use or reproduce. This is not the case however, in 1998 the U.S. Copyright Office created a set of standards specifically for the digital age we now find ourselves in. These laws state the same as regular copyright laws, but add additional standards specifically for the internet and the digital age.
A website creator has to be very careful when designing a site so that they do not break these copyright laws. A website creator cannot just surf the web and locate pictures, or text that they would like to use on their site. A website creator has to follow all of the copyright laws such as no copying or reproducing another person’s material which includes but is not limited to text, video, graphics, or any other form of intellectual property. In order for them to use any of these items they must first obtain permission from the original owner of the work in writing. In some cases the creator of the site will also include a disclaimer on their site advising users that some parts of the site are copyright protected. Another way that a website creator can use the work of another person is to provide a link to the site in which the source came from. While the copyright laws are strict...

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