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Copper Crown Essay

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At first I thought it will be hard to make a copper crown. But Im wrong.It is verry easy. You just have to put an effort on it. First we bought an PCB (printed circuit board, mechanically supports and electrically connects electronic components using conductive tracks, pads and other features etched from copper sheets laminated onto a non-conductive substrate. PCBs can besingle sided (one copper layer), double sided (two copper layers) or multi-layer. Conductors on different layers are connected with plated-through holes calledvias. Advanced PCBs may contain components - capacitors, resistors or active devices - embedded in the substrate)and Ferric Acid (Iron(III) chloride, also called Ferric chloride, is an industrial scale commodity chemical compound, with the formula FeCl3. The colour of iron(III) chloride crystals depends on the viewing angle: by reflected light the crystals appear dark green, but by transmitted light they appear purple-red. Anhydrous iron(III) chloride is deliquescent, forming hydrated hydrogen chloride mists in moist air. It is rarely observed in its natural form, mineral molysite, known mainly from some fumaroles.
When dissolved in water, iron(III) chloride undergoes hydrolysis and gives off heat in an exothermic reaction. The resulting brown, acidic, and corrosivesolution is used as a flocculant in sewage treatment and drinking water production, and as an etchant for copper-based metals in printed circuit boards. Anhydrous iron(III) chloride is a fairly strong Lewis acid, and it is used as a catalyst in organic synthesis.)at some Electronic shop. Then we bring Cutter, masking tape,pencil, pentel pen. Our teacher said that we should cover the PCB using the Masking Tape. It should be 3 layers. First you should cover it horizontally, then cover it vertically then, Cover it horizontally again.Draw a crown on the masking tape using the pencil. Then highlighted it using a pentel pen. Make sure that it is a perfect straight line you should use a...

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