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Contrast the Way Two Characters Come Into the World Essay

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  • on February 28, 2014
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Contrast the ways that two characters come into the world?
‘Into the world’ explores the nature of growing up and the transition from childhood to adulthood. It can involve the journey of discovery, the coming of age and overcoming adversity. The character of Tom Brennan and his brother Daniel emerge into the world differently and with different aspects and reasons hindered by recovery. This is demonstrated through, relationships with family and the confrontation of issues associated with decisions and dealing with consequences.

Point: Relationships with the family is a contrasting aspect that the two characters share in common. Elaborate: Tom Brennan begins with a broken family and throughout the novel the family slowly comes back together. Tom keeps to himself, reluctant to speak and doesn’t share a close relationship with any of his family members. This is in stark contrast to the way Daniel transits from child to adult, as his change is belated and attached with heavy consequences.
Example: “ I couldn’t believe what I was saying, yet it made sense. ‘ Harvey’s, like, it’s all about being part of a union, where what you do affects others. He kept going on about it being a life skill, not just a sport thing.’   ‘Hah!” Daniel scoffed. ‘ what did the boy’s think about that load of crap?” something was dawning on me. Something I though I would never feel.’ St johns was all about winning, wasn’t it?” ( tom) “ whats wrong with that?” Daniel replied.   This quote emphasizes the change that tom experiences, the fact that he has grown up as a result from a changed perspective on life. Elaborate: This dialogue reflects how Daniel tends to relish in the past, especially with all the extra time in jail, tom might have thought that it would give Daniel some space, but he comes to realize that Daniel is unable to move one from what happened; as if he is struggling with an inward battle, unable to move on until he has won peace with himself. Example: Burke utilizes...

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