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Contrast Media in the Future Essay

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Title; With the advances in technology development of imaging equipment there will be no need for the use of contrast media in the future. DISCUSS

Imaging technology is drastically advancing as the years go by and has revolutionized almost every aspect of medicine. The up grading of machines like the CT scanner, MRI machine, PET scanner and other techniques is having a huge impact on diagnoses and treatment of diseases. These advances are now allowing imaging with greater detail which provides earlier and more accurate diagnoses. This in turn leads to better and more successful treatment. Diagnostic radiology has been made possible by advances not only in its equipment and investigative techniques but also in contrast media. Contrast medium are chemical substance used in medical x-ray, it enhances and improve the quality of images. Contrast media permit visualization of details of the internal structure or organs which has low subject contrast. Different tissues within the body attenuate the beam of x-rays to different degrees. Attenuation is the removal of x-ray photons from the beam by either absorption or back scatter. The degree of attenuation of an x-ray beam by an element is complex and is determined by the thickness of the tissue, its density and the number of electrons per atom of the element. Where there is considerable difference between the densities of two organs such as between the heart’s solid muscle and the air in the lungs, these structures can be outlined and visualized on an x-ray because of the natural contrast that exist within it....

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