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Consumers' Attitude Essay

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Hal: 217– 232
Asmirandi Noor Hudha
International Program, Fakultas Ekonomi
Universitas Islam Indonesia
e-mail: Nothing_heroes@yahoo.co.id
Anas Hidayat
Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Islam Indonesia
e-mail: hidayatanas@yahoo.com
This research analyzed how the attractiveness of a celebrity endorser is able to influence
customers’ brand choice behavior and how customers perceive celebrity-based television
advertising. The study is based on an empirical research approach, which use a convenience
sample of 150 students who lives in Yogyakarta. The respondents rate the attractiveness of celebrity-
based on television advertising and the influence of celebrity -based television advertising
on consumers’ brand choice behavior. The sample of advertisement in this research is XL
television advertising which is featuring Raffi Ahmad, a famous celebrity. The data evaluated
by using several statistical techniques, including Descriptive analysis, and Analysis of Variance
(One Sample t-Test) Based on the research findings and the analysis, it is proved that the celebrity-
based television advertising has positively attracted the consumers. As a consequence,
this response significantly influences the consumers’ brand choice behavior. It can be concluded
that the attractiveness of celebrity-based on television advertising is likely to have a
positive relationship to consumers and celebrity-based television advertising is likely to have a
positive influence toward consumers’ brand choice behavior.
Keywords: celebrity concept, power of celebrity endorsement, attitude towards the ad and
brand, endorser selection criteria
Competition is becoming more intense.
Having a good product alone is not
enough to compete in markets of high standards
(Kumar & Reinartz, 2006). Obviously,
the changes in markets and consumer lifestyle
are driving marketers...

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