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Consumer Needs Perceptions of Teenagers Essay

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The Consumer Needs, Perceptions, and Attitudes of Teenagers
Kelly Van Fossen
Consumer Psychology and Research / PSY322
February 10, 2014
Mary-Lynn Ament

The Consumer Needs, Perceptions, and Attitudes of Teenagers
The intention of this paper is to report the findings on the consumer needs, perceptions, and attitudes of teenagers. The analysis will include how these factors is used to create marketing communications.
Consumer Needs of Teenagers
Teens of all ages and culture share the need to belong or "fit in" (Bashford, 2010). The teen years are a confusing time for most children. During the teen years teenagers try to break free from his or her parents. (D'Souza, 2010) He or she does this to declare their need for independence and individualism (D'Souza, 2010). As a consumer, teens spend most of their money on clothing and accessories. A teenage consumer are concerned with fit, style, and their "look" (Bashford, 2010). A teenager will try to fit in by buying the newest fashions while still trying to individualize to feel unique (D'Souza, 2010). These young consumers also want their shopping experience to be an enjoyable group activity (D'Souza, 2010). It is very important for marketers to understand the needs of teens so they can create a successful marketing plan.
Consumer Perceptions of Teenagers
As children grow from being a tween into their late teen years their perceptions change. They gradually want to be more in control of their lives by wanting to make their own decisions on what to buy. Teenagers have great impact on all aspects of family spending ranging from what food to buy to what entertainment to seek. Suzy Bashford reports that, as of 2010, television remains the main way teenagers become introduced to new brands. Marketers are aware of this and will utilize children's networks to market their brands. Teens love trends and their perceptions become influenced by their peers. A teen will embrace whatever new trend their peer group has...

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