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Consumer Behaviour Essay

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There are many ways to market to the public through advertising but companies must look how emotion and consumer behaviour link together and how the right emotion needs to fit the product. ‘Consumers' emotions have a significant influence on purchase and consumption decisions for a wide variety of products.’ (Mizerski and White 1986) Consumer Behaviour affects the everyday purchasing of products, 'the process and activities people engage in when searching for, selecting, purchasing, using, evaluating, and disposing of products and services so as to satisfy their needs and desires'.' (Belch and Belch 2002) Consumer behaviour is vital to marketing and the segmentation to market too.
An advertising campaign that works perfectly using emotion and understanding there market is the drinks manufacturer WKD the advertising campaign works on using a range of emotions. WKD use humour in their advertising campaign and use the ideas of going out with friends and also practical jokes with friends so this gives the perception that this is a fun outgoing product. In most of the commercials they have there mates playing practical jokes on each other this therefore implies it is a friendly drink you would have with friends. See appendix A for commercial. Companies use the image of fun and outgoing in there advertising to give the elusion that their product is the same, and people who purchase this product are those outgoing people. This type of advertising also can create impulse buying which also relates closely to hedonic values. If people feel the product is fun the hedonic values rise therefore creating more purchase of the product.   The fun theory has been created by the company VW they have produced an idea where ‘It looks at how fun can be used to change consumer behaviour for the better. This is really a big idea. You can waste bags of money and time trying to force people to change, and get nowhere.’ (Taylor 2009) this idea changes the consumer’s perception...

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