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Constitutional Genius Essay

  • Submitted by: Charliep
  • on August 30, 2013
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It is said that the genius of the Constitution lies within its compromises. A series of important events and choices occurred which lead to the formation of the Constitution that we know today. The two most important choices were the Great Compromise and the Three-Fifths Compromise.
When the Constitutional Convention was called in 1787, the issue of a new idea of government named the Virginia Plan was presented. Madison and other leaders had felt the need for a new government already so this became a favored proposal. The major points of this plan included a three house government (legislative, executive, and judicial) in which the legislature was the most powerful and made decisions concerning the other two houses; a bicameral legislature consisting of a House of Representatives (elected by the people) and the Senate (elected by the state legislatures); and the ability of the legislature to regulate trade between the states and to remove of state laws that were deemed unconstitutional. Shortly after this idea was out in the open, opposition to it arose (particularly from small states that feared the loss of their power). Those in opposition retorted with the New Jersey Plan. The key points in this plan that differed from the Virginia Plan included the facts that the legislature made decisions as to who was appointed in the executive branch, those in the executive branch chose those who would serve in the Supreme Court, there would be a unicameral legislature in which all states were represented equally, and the Congress had the ability to regulate trade and taxation.
The first important compromise crucial to the development of our Constitution came out of the struggle between supporters of the Virginia and New Jersey Plans. This compromise is known as the Great Compromise (also known as the Connecticut Compromise). The Great Compromise was approve don July 16, 1787 after the Constitution Convention was in a deadlock. This compromise pulled from both plans. The...

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