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Conscientious Essay

  • Submitted by: Elaine22Hu
  • on March 19, 2012
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“The first duty of a conscientious person is to have his or her conscience absolutely under his or her control” – Samuel Butler

              What is the feeling you get when you make right or wrong decision? People make mistakes but your conscience gives you a sense of right and wrong. You can be a person who is caring and compensate that makes decisions on what is righteous. If so, then you are conscientious. The word conscientious originated from 17th century Medieval Latin and in Latin the word comes from conscientia (knowledge) and conscīre (to know). In literacy traditions it is said to be a voice of good and evil in the mind depending on human principles.
              A person with a strong conscience will save a friend who is in a life-or-death situation because it‘s the right thing to do. An unscrupulous person would be immoral to abandon someone that you spend good and bad times with. I mean Pinocchio didn’t abandon his grandfather and in the story Jiminy Cricket was Pinocchio’s conscience always telling him to do the right.
              As humans we have the ability to make right decisions impelled from the mind. Mary has to make conscientious decision about abortion. She is not ready to have a baby but her mind and conscientiousness knows that she will regret killing her baby. This conscientious pregnant woman is very emotional but is also honest, kind, and a faithful person and in the end she will have a blissful ending with her baby.
                Everybody should have a conscientious mind. Opposed to serial killers and terrorists lack sympathy and have unscrupulous consideration for life for a conscientious mind.   Someone like Osama Bin Laden without a conscientious is immoral and threatens the life of others was murdered. As a result, many U.S. citizens were pleased that it was the ended their terror. Killing is wrong but there is a conscientious tells you that evil should be destroyed.

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