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Conflict Management Essay

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Portfolio Project
Jason Schiffer
Argosy University

Conflict resolution is a part of everyday life in today’s global organizations. Leaders are faced with the difficult task of trying to resolve conflict between two or more people and can be defined as interpersonal and group-to-group conflict. Conflict resolution models have been formed for leaders to follow as well as different ways of resolving conflict. Each leader is charged with trying to decide what the best conflict resolution style to use given the situation. Multicultural employees have to learn how to respect the other and their customs as part of working in a global work environment. Conflict resolution is a topic that is becoming more and more commonplace in today’s society both inside and outside of work and leaders have to know how to resolve issues that get as close to a win-win situation for both parties.

Portfolio Project
Conflicts in the workplace are becoming more evident in the business world today. A lot of times conflict occurs when two or more people have different views on a particular subject matter (Corvette, 2007). The end result of any conflict is to come up with an understanding or compromise that leaves both parties satisfied as to the outcome of the conflict (Corvette, 2007). Conflict has many different styles in the way they approach conflict resolution. Thomas and Kilmann (1974) developed a method of describing five conflict resolution styles. The styles are competitive (people who take a stand and are in positions of power), collaborative (try to please everyone involved), accommodating (meeting the needs of other’s and not themselves), compromising (trying to find a solution that will somewhat satisfy everyone) and avoiding (people that avoid conflict all together) (Thomas & Kilmann, 1974). The approaches play a part in developing a conflict resolution...

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