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Conductivity of Heat in Materials Essay

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                            Conductivity of heat in materials

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What container will keep coffee hot effectively?
Abstract: In this experiment we are investigating the insulating properties of five different cups, although this method is primitive, the experiment can produce good results if used carefully. The results could prove to be quite useful to coffee bar owners and may be in their best interest to figure out which cup insulates the best and is also cost effective. During the experiment, tap water was boiled and placed in each cup in equal amounts and left to cool on a counter. The temperature data of the cups was taken over the course of 15 minutes for the first trial, 24 minutes also secondary data was used to confer with the initial two primary data sources this data was recorded at a minute’s interval while the five cups were cooling. From the experimental data recorded the experiment suggests that the Styrofoam cup insulates slightly better than a plastic and paper cup, and both will insulate better than a glass cup and a ceramic mug respectively.
Problem: Which cup will insulate most effectively?
Hypothesis: The plastic mug is going to insulate best because it is specifically designed to hold hot liquids.

Materials: 5 containers (Ceramic, plastic, paper, glass and Styrofoam cups)
                  5 NXT temperature sensors
                  1 Measuring Cylinder
                  1 Beaker (Large)
                  1Note pad
                  1 Kettle
                  1 Permanent Marker.
Procedure: To begin with I carried out safety procedures by wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as gloves, aprons and goggles, I made sure that the place was well ventilated by opening the windows and also I carried out a risk assessment and realised with the equipment I will be using I will need a water cooling point in case I spill hot water on myself also I familiarised myself with the lab evacuation procedures...

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