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Concept of Pigs Essay

  • Submitted by: tamf33
  • on September 2, 2013
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The   Concept   of   Pigs

In   many   cultures   pigs   are   view   differently   all   around   the   world. Whether   it   be   it be   in   Germany   were   a   pig   is   a   symbol   of   good   luck   or   in   Muslim   culture   were   a   pig is   considered   unclean. Were   as   in China   a   pig   is   a   symbol   of   fertility   and   abundance. There   are   a   variety   of   ways   to interpret   the   concept   of   pigs.

In   early   cultures   as   far   back   as   the   ancient   Egyptian   culture   pigs   were   a sign of   fertility.   A   pig   is   one   of   the   many   mammals   who   care   for   it’s   offspring. It was viewed   as   a   great   mother.   A   pig   was often   used   as   a   sacrifice   to   one   of   their   many   gods.   This   god   was   Isis,   who   embodied   fertility.   The   black   pig   was   thought   to   be   associated   with   her   brother   and   opponent, Seth.   Who   was   thought   to   be   responsible   for   the   obstruction   of   the   sun   during   an   eclipse.

Pigs,   who   natured   for   their   young,   was   a   symbol   of   fertility   and   abundance   in   many   other   cultures   such   as   the Celts and Hindu culture. A   Celtic   lore   tells   a   story   of   a man   named   Manannan   who   owned   a   heard   of   pigs   who’s   numbers   never   dwindled   and forever   replenished. The   Celtics   also   thought   pig   were   associated with   Ceridwin   and   Phaea   the   fertility   moon   goddesses. In   Hindu   culture   pigs   were   thought   to   be   a   link   to     Vajravarahi, the female consort of Vishnu.

Pigs   were   also   a   symbol   of   agricultural   luck. Greek   culture   would   sacrifice   to   the   agricultural   goddess Demeter. In   Chinese   culture   a   pigs   is   considered   a   symbol   of   virility,   strength,   and   fertility. In   the   Chinese   zodiac   the   boar   is   considered   a   sign   of   sincerity,   honesty,   and   determination. In   Native   American   cultures, tribes   symbolized   pigs   as   a   harbinger   of   rain   which   was   linked   to   agriculture.

In   Buddhism   pigs   are   a   symbol   of   ignorance. On   the   Buddhist...

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