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Conceling Information from Parents Essay

  • Submitted by: diaz0733
  • on March 25, 2014
  • Category: Psychology
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Concealing Information to Avoid Conflict with Parents
In recent years, there has been an interest in disclosure, deception, and secrecy in adolescent-parent relationships. Adolescents conceal information from their parents when they know their parents will be mad if they were to tell them the truth. Some adolescents decide to conceal information from their parents because they do not believe they will understand their situation. Adolescents enjoy their privacy, which is another reason why they may decide to conceal information from their parents from time to time. Adolescents tent to conceal more information when it has to do with personal and prudential activities rather than activities during school. An analysis of adolescent behavior in a natural setting reveals that adolescents conceal information from their parents in order to avoid conflict.
Adolescent Observation
On February 8, 2014, an observation was conducted at the Krikorian Movie Theatre in Vista, CA. The individual observed was a Hispanic female around 15 or 16 years old. The adolescent was wearing a black hoodie sweater, jeans, and Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers. During the first few minutes of the observation I sat on a bench across from where she was standing. She and her boyfriend were standing by a self-service ticket machine outside of the movie theatre. She started walking away and I could not find anywhere to sit that was near her, so I had to stand by her the entire time. I discretely stood near her as she walked towards the box office and later when she walked into the movie theatre and stood in line to get food. She was not aware I was observing her behaviors because I blended in with other individuals who were near by.
The adolescent arrived at the movie theatre at about 6:45 pm with her boyfriend. She spent the majority of her time holding hands with her boyfriend. She was showing a lot of affection toward him because she would lean in to kiss him and lean on his shoulder. I noticed...

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