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Computers in Labor and Delivery Essay

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Philosophy of Nursing
Angela Noble
Jacksonville University
School of Nursing

Philosophy of Nursing
      Nursing is a standard word that anyone can use.   The word Nurse to me has taken on a whole new meaning now that I am becoming a first time grandmother.   I am watching my daughter’s belly grow with anticipation.   I am hearing her concerns of childbirth and of raising a child in today’s society.   I laugh at how naïve she is and yet how smart she is becoming.   The role of being a mother can take on terrifying dimensions.   This paper is on philosophy of nursing in my own perception and what nursing theory I use in practice.   I must be honest with you.   I did not know that there were so many theorists out there.   Once I started research on these theorists I found that I am overwhelmed and grateful to all these people. They laid a foundation for nurses to become so much more than being a bedside nurse and caring for just the patient.   I exemplify the role of nursing theorist Hildegard Peplau’s: The Theory of Interpersonal Relation.   Working in a Level I facility as a labor and delivery nurse has been a grateful yet demanding job for me.   I now for the first time will be the family member going through this experience and will take this learning opportunity to a higher level.   A nurse will always learn something new.

Guiding Principles of Nursing
My personal guide to nursing is what has kept me as a bedside nurse for over thirty years.   I believe in caring for each patient as they were my own family.   As I enter the room I am a stranger to my patient and their family.   I feel the first encounter with each patient I must build trust.   I am a teacher that implants my knowledge of the labor experience into the patient’s.   Knowing that during the entire day of labor those needs will expand.   I am the resource person to the patient and family that can determine what education will be given at the time of labor.   The counselor I am mostly, by...

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