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Computer In The Classroom Essay

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Computers in the classroom
How effective a computer could be to a child’s education? Some years ago, computer was a synonym of luxury. Nowadays, however, computers have become part of our everyday lives. Computers may be useful to teachers and to students. Computers can be useful to students in these ways: make much easier and quicker find something, learning became more interesting and can save paper.
The first benefit of using computers in the classroom is that computers make much easier and quicker find something. Nowadays, students, especially in secondary school, are asked to make research of different topics, if they have the possibility of using a computer in the classroom, they will definitely save their time. Also, they will find detail information.
The second benefit of using computers in the classroom is that computers make learning more interesting. Students will have the possibility of, for example, listening to music while they are studying. This may improve the performance of the students in the school and they may get better grades because they will study more with this new equipment.  
The third benefit of using in the classroom is that computers reduce the using of paper. Computers can save paper because students can make their presentations, study, etc. without using paper. Also, teachers do not need paper to make a test or explain a topic. These will definitely help to the environment.
In conclusion, computers should be used in the classroom because they not only help students and teachers; they also help in the care of the environment. In my opinion, using computers in the classroom is a good idea to implement in the education system.

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