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Complexities in Software Developement Essay

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Executive Summary

In Information Technology industry system or applications may be comprised of excessive codes or lines of codes, as the application development goes on, it gives rise in complexities thus leading a impact on IT software projects and business objectives. The main hurdle which an IT professional face is maintenance and enhancements in the respective applications which can thus lead to representation of majority of programming projects in the world. The characteristics of the software which is modified have severe impacts on maintenance of program, as when we talk about the modifications, if we modify the required code or program which already exists then there may be chances of defects, delays, it can prove to be difficult and severe chances of over cost as well. There are some metrics showing that how can one improve the results of maintenance by applying some quantity measures insights into the respective application, for such a task to complete there are some set of questions which can be stated as :        How typical to code such software? If we look into the modification part of the program its quite complex, so in order to that alternative design should be considered? If the modifications are done, will the testing part becomes critical? Are there some risks which are ignored from my programmers’ vision? Is the complexity of such program is too high that one have to think before giving it to a junior programmer? The structure of system is getting complex as we are going further, are there any steps to simplify it? What is the starting point?

These metrics provides us the base for measurement of complexities, so that one can eliminate the cost and increase the productivity and can bring improvements in quality as well. “You cannot manage what you do not measure.” (Bill Hewlett, Hewlett – Packard)

Software Development Complexities

Software complexity could be defined as the main driver of cost, reliability and performance...

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