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Comparison of Models Essay

  • Submitted by: darbs523
  • on August 29, 2013
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Comparison of Models Paper

The personality theory model is a model that is found under the psychological model of addiction.   The personality model assumes that certain personality traits are predispose the individual to drug use.   In this model an “addictive personality” exist in individuals and is inherent with a degree of deficit in personal and psychological boundaries” (www.family-drug-intervention.net).   “Traits that are found with an “addictive personality” are poor impulse control, low self-esteem, an inability to cope with stressors, egocentricity, manipulative traits and a need for control and power” (www.family-drug-intervention.net).   In looking for studies to support this model there was 2 studies in which supported the personality model.   The first one was Gray’s Model of personality and Addiction.   In this study the Gary’s personality theory predicted a relation between a behavioral approach system (BAS) and substance abuse.   The study used alcoholics and control subjects and compared their scores on the BIS and BAC.   The study did find some support in the personality and addiction to substance abuse.   In looking and reading the other study called Addiction, Personality and Motivation this study also support the personality model as well.   The study looked at the function of dopamine and how it was related to personality (Eysenck, H., 1997).
The genetic model is part of the biological model of addiction.   The genetic model assumes that addicts are predisposed to develop a dependence on drugs.   Reports state that certain addictions under the genetic model “run in the family,” and its something that people inherit.   Addiction itself is not something that is inherited but the predisposition for developing the problem is an argument that the fact addiction does seem to “run in the families” maybe due to nurture as well as nature.   Many studies have been completed with families, adoptive children, and twins to show that genetics does play a part in...

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