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Comparison Essay

  • Submitted by: ramzan97
  • on February 26, 2014
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The ChildLine Webpage’s purpose is to aware children (audience) of the dangers of social networking whereas online mail is to inform parents (audience) of pupils that spend time on social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter.
They both are webpages which can be accessed by anyone but due to the purposes, it is most likely for children to go on ChildLine and for adults to read news and go on sites like them. Online mail is formal , using the words like ‘academic’ to show the authority he speaks with. Comparison to the Childline webpage, they are more informal, using rhetorical questions like ‘Can you help the cat climb to the top of tree?’ which suggest that they value the children by asking them for help. The phrase ‘how u feeling’ in the moodi box is a rhetorical question and has used idiolect to make them feel comfortable whilst they are on the website . The online mail have used complex sentences in order to show their audiences that they are a high standard website but the childline have used words like ‘nasty’ and used rhetorical questions in order for their audience to understand in a simplistic way. There is a ‘help’ box in the childline webpage, on the top right hand corner ,suggesting that if they require any help to make it much more easier for them to use and explore the website and also what is the purpose of it ? This shows that they care about their audiences.
The mail online has not used a lot of colours and images due to the fact the audience is everyone including children. However, the childline webpage have used a forest as a background to connote darkness and the ray of light connotes hope, indicating that in every dark places , there is a ray of hope that would guide you. They also have used colours which makes it look attractive and put the title, ‘ChildLine’ , on the top left hand corner as it is natural for   children to read systemically from left to right. Coincidently, the online mail have done the same thing as it indicates that...

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