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Comparing And Contrasting Essay

  • Submitted by: crystanbooth
  • on March 19, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Comparing And Contrasting" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

In this essay one will be comparing and contrasting the poems: “Song of Lawino” and “Song of Ocol” by dealing with six aspects namely themes; plot; characters; setting; tone and audience. Both of these poems are from the narrative genre as they are telling a story. In the first poem we learn that Lawino is a woman and she is telling a story about her husband and the second poem is a response from her husband, Ocol, to her story. One will be referring to these poems as extract A and extract B as it is easier than referring to the full names of both poems.
Theme refers to the central or main idea of a text. One will be discussing two main themes that are recognized throughout extract A and extract B namely education and culture clash. The theme of education is evident in both extracts however the view points of each speaker in both extracts are what differ. In extract A the speaker reveals her intense dislike towards education and how it has changed the ways of her husband and how he thinks, “And the reading Has killed my man,”. Lawino refers to books as snakes by conveying the danger of snakes onto books, “Some books are black and oily, their backs shine like the dangerous ororo snake…”. In stanza 11 of extract A the speaker uses the term “impenetrable forest” in comparison to education to insinuate that education confines a person, it shows the danger of becoming educated. On the contrary the speaker of extract B, Ocol, opposes to her comments about education as he sees education as benefitting their culture.
The theme of culture is represented throughout both extracts. The speaker of extract A is very proud of her traditional culture and she continues to use terms that belong to the Acoli culture, for example “tido”, “gogga” and “malakwang” are just some of them, whereas the speaker of extract B uses terms such as “utensils”, “red wine” and “car” which are phrases of a western culture. In extract A Lawino notes that her husband does not pay attention to...

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