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Compare And Contrast Essay

  • Submitted by: cluckus
  • on March 19, 2012
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Compare and Contrast Essay

When deciding on a place to live, most people take in to consideration a variety of factors. We look at job prospects, places of interest, schools and local amenities that are important. For example, if you had children, one of the first things you would look at when deciding on a place to live would be how good the schools are. Two towns that I have lived in and are very different are Swindon and Kenilworth. The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast the differences between these two towns using population, crime rates, average house price and transport links.

The most notable difference between the two towns is their population. Swindon used to be a small village, and until the mid-19th century only had a population of just over 1000. In 1841 The Great Western Railway then built an engine establishment, making Swindon in to a railway town and in turn attracting people to live there for the work prospects, and by the turn of the century Swindon was an industrial town with a population of 45,000. Swindon has continued to grow in recent years, building new housing and industrial estates, to a point now where the current population is now 157,000 (www.Swindonweb.com NDA). Kenilworth also started off as a fairly small town in the middle ages and developed more with the arrival of a train station in 1844(www.warwickshire.gov.uk, January 2011). The main difference is that Kenilworth has not expanded as much as Swindon and has a current population of approximately 24,000 (Ibid).

The crime rates in Swindon and Kenilworth are also very different. The statistics for Swindon are separated in to North and South. In January 2012 Swindon North had a total of 361 crimes with a crime rate of 13.64, meaning the number of crimes per 1000 people.   Swindon South had a total of 147 crimes with a crime rate of 5.72. Therefore, Swindon North had an above average crime rate and Swindon South an average crime rate (www.police.uk January 2012)....

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