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Compare and Contrast Essay

  • Submitted by: DiamondGary1
  • on March 24, 2014
  • Category: History
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Do you remember going on a field trip where you learned about an exciting career or experienced something you never have before? Would you want someone to take that experience away from you? This could happen to the students at Lackey High School if we don’t do something now. The principal at Lackey would like to take our field trips away due to budget cuts. I believe we need to keep these learning experiences because field trips help students learn about new places and careers.

First of all, field trips allow students to experience new places..These experiences also help visual and kinesthetic learners to learn in ways that appeal to them. Second of all, field trips allow students to experience new careers. For example, last year our class visited multiple of colleges in Avid . We listened to college students describe their majors and careers. This was much better than sitting in class and listening to a lecture about career possibilities. In addition, we also listen to Ben Carson explain his life story.

Now some people may argue that schools don’t have enough money to fund field trips. I think this problem can be addressed by having students go on low or no cost field trips, or obtaining school discounts to places of special interest. For field trips that cost money, students can do fund raisers such as car washes, candy sales, or selling pizza after school . We could also allocate a certain amount of field trip money per grade level. The money we earn from selling items after school can also be used to fund these excursions. Students can also take walking field trips to save on cash.

We should continue attending field trips because it gives the students a chance to explore new places and still learn something new. Field trips gets the students excited because they get out of school. They get tired of learning in the same classrooms. They want to get out and see new things. I know I get tired of sitting in the same desk and learning. I know I want to go...

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