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Comparative Language on Public Transport Essay

  • Submitted by: becparavizzini
  • on June 22, 2014
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Comparative language analysis – Rebecca Paravizzini
Comparative language analysis – Rebecca Paravizzini
On the topic of Melbourne’s public transport system John Hamilton wrote an emotional opinion piece titled “Cry for a clapped-out system” for the Herald Sun on January 30th 2009. He argues that our legendary Sir Harold Withthrop Clapp, who was the grounding foundation behind our advanced public transport system, would be utterly disgusted if he could see the ways in which our transport system has declined since his time. Hamilton’s strong critical tone of frustration puts the reader in the right frame of mind to read the article and agree that there has been certain distinct deterioration over time. Hamilton urgers for someone with enough compassion to get our transport system up and running again just as Clapp did and targets members of the public who would have the will to do so.
Hamilton starts his piece with a powerful attack against our leaders in control of the public transport system, “lingering death of a once proud railway system”. The writer intends to fuel the debate on how, by now our transport system should be efficient not problematic, this is done to provoke feelings of disgust from readers as well as being offended that our government are not taking care of our peoples resources as well as they should. He continues this attack on the government by talking about how our leaders are “treating them like heat-struck cattle” referring to Melbournians. This creates a sense of betrayal felt by the readers as it is made to position the audience to feel as though they are being neglected by their government as their well-being and lifestyle is not put as first priority, this is also intended to draw upon feelings of resentment towards our government. To coincide with these attacks the author uses emotional appeals such as patriotism to support his arguments towards the government. “how appalled Harold Clapp would be today to see the graffiti and the...

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