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Community Health Emergency Response Essay

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As one of the first responders in a disaster it is important to be aware of what roles you may take on and how you will interact with other key players. The Disaster in Franklin County gave an interactive idea of how that may work.
This simulation addressed chain of command, communication systems; follow up, emergency response, planning and assessment. Collaboration between many different groups and disciplines allows for those in charge to have a complete idea of what needs are most prevalent among the community and how to address them. Having many different specialties available offers a broader scope of services and information.
Each person played a vital role in the disaster assessment. The incident commander gives an overview of the main issues and created an action plan based on the available information and resources. The Operations Section Chief organizes, assigns and supervises tactical field resources and implements them. The Public Health director assesses the needs, provides access to vendors for clean water, port a potties and other services, and develops public service announcements. Providing consistent, accurate health information to the public and health staff is the responsibility of the Public Information Officer. Liaison Officers are important because they know what support services are available and have good community relations. Planning Section Chief will manage the planning of the action plan and is always thinking about the next steps that need to be taken and how to implement them. Space, supplies and equipment will be the responsibility of logistics and someone has to keep track of the resources and spending so that will fall to the Financial Section Chief.
With so many important people it is vital for the public health nurse to know what his or her chain of command is. In this scenario the public health nurse reports to the Public Health Nursing supervisor. Then they report to the Public Health group who is overseen by the...

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