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Communications Essay

  • Submitted by: jgreen497
  • on March 18, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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In my communications class, we did an exercise surrounding the way we perceive others. I always believed that my perceptions of others were always right, but I soon realized my perceptions of others are accurate about 50 percent of the time. I am aware that I tend to stereotype people, but there are one out of every eight individuals that somewhat fit my assumptions for them. Ka’Tora, for example, proved all of my assumptions about her correct. First, she loves to shop; as I could tell from the way she presented herself in class. Her outfits are coordinated very well; which I love because I work at a clothing store. Secondly, I assumed she had a tattoo; her tattoo was visible, so technically it was obvious.   Paula was another person that I made meticulous assumptions about. Paula seems very intrigued and eager to learn. In class she sits in the back of the room, and seems like an extrovert. For example, she enjoys traveling, playing sports, reading books, and being around her friends. Paula has a clean home, which I also guessed correct about her in the exercise.
Jason Lansing is a veteran of the army. He spent about 16 years in the military, going through extreme training; especially with weapons. My assumption about Jason was absolutely wrong. I automatically assumed that because he was in the military he owned a shot gun. I believe that my classmates were generally shocked by the discovery. He seemed less of a “hard-core” troop, but more of a human being after hearing the truth. He believes in equality in order to succed in his life, versus the brainwash that the military preaches.   Eli was another gentleman I completely judged wrong as well. First, Eli does not love to gamble. I assumed that because of the way he looked he would be the gambling type; in actuality he does really agree with gambling. Also, Eli has not been to the strip club before; which I was also wrong about. These gentlemen represent the 50 percent of individuals that I falsely risk making...

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