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Communication in a Virtual Workplace Essay

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As the work place environment changes, many companies are developing virtual teams to effectively run the business. Virtual teams are teams that use computer technology to tie together physically dispersed members in order to achieve a common goal (Judge, pg. 312). They often communicate through electronic communication media, phone conferences, and Internet meetings. In today's workplace, it is not uncommon for team not to meet face to face. Over the years, traditional meetings were face to face with the manager showing slides of information through a projector to communicate information to employees. This form of business communication has evolved. It is not uncommon for meetings to take place via conference call or Gotomeeting where you attend meeting over the computer. Internet meetings have become popular as the virtual teams are increasing to cater to a more globalized society.
Virtual meetings has its advantages to save money on travel, allow flexible, schedule presentations, perform live demos and collaborate on documents. The disadvantages are that these form of meeting can be impersonal. Traditional teams offer multiple opportunities to work closely with colleagues and develop close personal relationships that can facilitate performance.   It can be easy to misinterpret messages without cues like facial expression and tone of voice (Judge, pg. 291). To be effective, virtual teams need to facilitate these relationships despite numerous barriers.
Some manners may require a face to face meeting. For instance, if there is a need for a supervisor to meet with their subordinate to discuss some disciplinary actions, it becomes a question of how effective this could be within the virtual work environment. In the example below, the communication process will be identified to address a disciplinary manner with disgruntled employee who has cause a disturbance in the workplace because of their behavior. This behavior has created a negative effect on other...

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