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Communication & Collaboration Strategy Paper

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Communication and Collaboration Strategy Paper

Communication and collaboration between people with different learning styles and personalities is essential not only in a proficient environment but also when dealing with the public. Learning styles are different between people to person. Some people may learn on a more verbal-linguistic level although others obtain a better understanding through logical and mathematical conclusion. Diverse learning styles often result in distinctive personalities and the actual communication and collaboration will be different among individuals with the uncommon types of personalities and learning styles. As I started going through the assessments of the learning pathways I discovered that my learning style is of Logical-Mathematical leaning style and that my personality type is a dominant organizer.

The three different learning styles is a verbal-Linguistic learning style, which is the ability in communicating through language. Understanding the use of owns language, remembering easy terms, and understanding sentence structure and word meaning. People who group under this learning style generally can explain, learn, and teach better when using humor. Another learning style is interpersonal, which this style connects to others, notices moods, and motivates. Other thing that this style does is that it, sees through others perspectives, helping within a group, and by communicating verbally and nonverbally. Individuals who are grouped in this learning style are good at creating and maintaining personal associations. The other type of learning style is intrapersonal style, which this style has the ability to understandings are own behavior and feelings. This learning style will help think and reason on higher levels.
These are some of the learning styles that help communicate and collaborate efficiently when working in a group. When the individuals use these different types of style will help the group succeed.

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