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Communication Essay

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Argyle‘s Communication Cycle Theory
The Argyle’s communication cycle theory (1972) is based on communication between people and the 6 stages that happen through the whole interaction. Argyle suggest ‘that interpersonal communication was a skill that had to be learnt’ by this he meant that for the conversation to be effective then the people taking part of the interaction should pay full attention to the person speaking(Lucy Webb). The process may repeat itself if the message was not successful; this now builds into a communication cycle.Argyle’s cycle for communication cycle involves six stages:
  1. Idea occurs
  2. Message coded
  3. Message sent
  4. Message received
  5. Message decoded
  6. Message understood

Idea occurs
The first stage is when a person has an idea and is the beginning process of where they are going start asthink about what we are going to say, to whom and how (email, face to face).

Message coded
The second stage is called message coded, this is where the person now thinks about their idea and plan what to say.

Message sent
Message sent this is the third stage where the person may use non verbal communication (makaton, email, letter, text) or verbal communication (speaking face to face) to deliver the message.

Message Received
The fourth stage is message received; this is where the person you have sent the message to has now received it.

Message Decoded
The fifth stage is message decoded; this is where the message can be translated if needed to such as if the message was sent by email.

Message understood
The final stage is message understood; this is where the receiver can clarify that they understand the message. However there are times when the receiver may not understand the message and the cycle would start all over again.

Related to health and social
Argyle’s communication cycle theoryis used in health and care, as communicationskills are highly important in a health and social...

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